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Merchandising & Delivery


The delivery of an Audi Certified :plus vehicle closes the sales process and marks the beginning of a long-term customer relationship.

If there is one basic rule to follow, it’s to leave ample time to conduct a proper delivery. Audi Certified :plus customers purchase a certified :plus vehicle as much out of choice as out of necessity. They expect a like-new vehicle delivery experience, so be sure to make it as memorable as any new vehicle delivery. Whether a customer has 10 minutes or 60 minutes, a customized and tailored delivery is a great way to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Best Practices

  • Provide a like-new vehicle delivery experience
  • Tailor the delivery to customers’ expectations — whether they have 10 minutes or 60 minutes to spend
  • Ensure the vehicle is clean and has a full tank of gas
  • Provide a thorough explanation of the Audi Certified :plus Limited Warranty
  • Provide customer with an Owner’s Manual and Audi Certified :plus Warranty booklet
  • Introduce the customer to the Service Department
  • Provide a thorough demonstration of vehicle features and operations; don’t just tell and show, have the customer do the actions
  • Ensure the vehicle MMI has been reset, wiping the previous customers information
  • Ensure the customer is connected to Audi Connect on the device and vehicle (if applicable)
  • Pair the customer’s phone with the vehicle’s Bluetooth, if applicable
  • Follow up with the customer one day after delivery to thank him or her and answer questions
  • Consider inviting customers back to your dealership for a second delivery on how to use the vehicle’s features and ask any questions
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