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Inventory Management


This sales reporting tool helps you maintain accurate sales and inventory records in real-time so you have a clear view of your progress toward meeting your sales objectives. Reporting Audi Certified :plus and non-CPO vehicles after their sale in OMD Web is important. By reporting Audi Certified :plus vehicles, you ensure the owner has a premium experience and receives the full benefits of the Audi Certified :plus program. Reporting vehicles in OMD Web:

  • Activates the selected Audi Certified :plus Limited Warranty
  • Activates Roadside Assistance
  • Prompts the mailing of the Audi Certified :plus Welcome Kit
  • Ensures your dealership gets credit for the sale
  • Issues the certification fee to your dealership
  • Ensures customer information is transferred to Audi, which allows communication of future service campaigns or recalls
  • Audi warranty systems are updated in case the vehicle is still under factory warranty
  • Provides information on campaigns and recalls in your inventory
  • Customer is included in future marketing campaigns, loyalty offers, etc.
  • Captures a complete picture of the pre-owned market, Audi Certified :plus and non-certified vehicles


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