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Vehicle Inspection

Comprehensive Inspection

The industry leading comprehensive inspection instills confidence by covering every major vehicle component. This ensures every Audi Certified :plus pre-owned vehicle is a premium offering and customers receive a like-new experience.


Meeting Audi Certification Requirements

What does it mean to meet Audi Certified :plus pre-owned inspection requirements? Select a box below to learn more about the three available checklist options when inspecting an Audi Certified :plus pre-owned candidate vehicle.


Meets Standard
Not Applicable

In selecting “Meets Standard”, the specified area of the candidate vehicle meets Audi certification requirements in that it operates as designed, is free from any mechanical defects, damage, and or cosmetic flaws.

In selecting “Repaired”, the specified area of the candidate vehicle now meets Audi certification requirements as a result of any deficiency in operation, mechanical defects, damage and or cosmetic flaws being repaired utilizing genuine OEM/OEA parts.

In selecting “Not Applicable”, the specified area of the candidate vehicle does not exist therefore is not applicable.


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