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Program Overview


By following the certification process and program parameters, you ensure customers receive a premium Audi experience, and create residual streams of loyalty, revenue and profit.

Key elements of the Audi Certified :plus program include:

  • Vehicle acquisition
    • Sources of quality inventory could include: off lease, customer trade-ins, auction purchases, service lane
    • Assess newly acquired inventory for program eligibility
  • Program eligibility
    • Vehicles must be a minimum of 4 months old or have at least 3,000 km
    • Ensure vehicles pass the Comprehensive Inspection
    • Any reconditioning required as a result of the inspection must be performed
  • Inventory maintenance
    • All vehicles in dealers inventory are to undergo the following activities:
      • Perform the 30-Day Inventory Maintenance Checklist for every 30 days vehicle remains in inventory
      • Check each vehicle in Elsapro for any Service Campaigns or Open Recalls, on a regular basis, and always before customer delivery. Any open campaigns need to be performed and closed by the Service Department before the vehicle can be delivered to customer/reported sold in OMD
    • The 30-Day Inventory Maintenance Checklist can be found in AccessAudi
  • Vehicle merchandising
    • Audi vehicles may only be represented and merchandised as Audi Certified :plus once the Comprehensive Inspection and enrollment process is complete with “Approved-Sale Pending” status in VCAS
    • This includes vehicles in your dedicated used vehicle showroom, dealership lot, dealer website, Used Car Locator (VTP) and in any and all promotional and advertising mediums
    • Approved Point of Sale (POS) materials are available at:


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