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Program Eligibility


Has the vehicle passed the CarFax Vehicle History Report?

A vehicle with a CarFax showing accident damage does not necessarily exclude the vehicle from the program. It does require a closer inspection on your behalf.

Was the vehicle repaired properly? Were genuine Audi parts used for the repair? If the accident was minor and the vehicle was repaired properly than the vehicle can still qualify for the program. It is extremely important to inform the

customer of any accident damage and explain that the damage was corrected to Audi standards. Be transparent. Ensure the customer understands that only an accident vehicle that we can confidently say has been fixed to Audi standards can be included in the program.

If the accident caused major structural damage or the vehicle was reported as a total loss(i.e. theft, structural loss, salvage, flood etc.), it cannot be included in the CPO program. It is also important to keep in mind that Audi Financial Services treats vehicles with more than $4,000 of previous damage on a case-by-case basis when deciding to fund a sale with special Audi Financial Services rates.

You may wish to contact your area BDM (Business Development Manager) for further clarification.

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